Stealth game without hiding.

NOTE: There's a bug on certain computers where when using the smoke bombs, the game kinda freezes, where the player can't move until a certain time where it just teleports on the direction you were trying to move (or at the beginning of the level), sometimes with the camera vibrating (quickly moving up and down small distances). This doesn't happen on my computer, some smoke particles should appear which would make you invisible to enemies and you should be able to move smoothly. In case you have the bug, I would recommend trying to play the game with another browser, AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, THIS PROBLEM DOESN'T HAPPEN IN FIREFOX.

Made for the GMTK game jam, my first game jam ever, the theme was "Genre without mechanic", which means I have to take a genre and remove an essential part, for example, shooter without shooting, platformer without jumping, etc...

I came up with the idea of a stealth game where you can't hide, this would make the game more fast-paced and exciting, to make this I added abilities such as Slow Motion mode, to allow for quick movement between enemies and reduce the pace a little bit, and the Smoke Bombs, which allow you to quickly move through vision zones, and so that the game would keep fast-paced, I added some sort of "watchtower" which would follow the player, this way you always had to be moving forward, and added a level of repetition and mastery (which is the core engagement of stealth/ninja games in my opinion) to the levels.


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Hard and nice game but smok time is unusable and slow time maybe can bit more long. If you keep develop game it will be a gold.

Sorry for late reply. I recently had a friend play this game on his computer and he told me that when using the smoke bombs the screen was going up and down quickly, and then he teleported in the direction he was moving. Is something like this what you experience? On my computer it works fine, a smoke effect appears and I can move fluidly without being seen by guards.

Exactly it is, when use a smok bomb game gets odd just like your friend's experience.

I'm afraid I don't know why it happens, I think it's a problem with the particles system. I would recommend to try to play the game on another browser or another PC (if you have more than one)